Happy New Year! 

On a lighter note...

Well, this interface is even easier to use than I realized. I have no excuse for not using it. Let's see if we can get 2006 started on a better note. Martha and I even got our New Year Newsletter out this year.

So let's start this out with a quick New Year's note. We had a New Year's Eve party at our last night. It was much smaller than in years past, but more intimate as well. Jason and Kelly brought Allie and since I wasn't feeling very well, I chose her as my primary company for the evening. Can you believe that baby was up past midnight?

Speaking of midnight, you have to hand it Dick Clark for hanging in there. He was a little quick on the countdown (unless our audio/video timing was off) and sounded like he had a lot of trouble speaking, but it was good to see that he's still kickin.

Martha and I started off the New Year with some cleaning, work, and updates (like this one). We also took a break to watch Batman Begins. Great story, in my opinion. Chalk one up for successful prequels. I hope I can define myself by my actions this year.

Have a happy New Year!
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