From Seisures to Suites 

Quick back entry from just before Christmas...

Since Chief and Kolder's breeder was unavailable to watch them while Martha and I were out of town, we ended up taking them to the new PetSuites that opened up about 10 minutes from us. They do a subpar grooming job, really just a simple wash and brushout, but the two seemed to get along well in one "large" run. Food there is free, as long as Iams or Eukanuba is okay. No sponsorship or agreements with P&G. I asked out of curiosity. :-)

PetSuites also afforded us slightly better monitoring than family or friends could have. This was important because the Wednesday before we left, Chief had a scary seizure right in front of me. I had just got done yelling at him for getting into the trash, so I felt terrible. He hit the floor and his legs went straight up in the air. He was shaking uncontrollably, his back was arched, and his mouth was wide open. I held him until he calmed down a minute or two later, but then I was even more afraid. He was completely unresponsive and staring right through me. He seemed to respond to my voice, so I stayed with him. Martha's family had just put their dog down the might before (old age) and I was afraid I was going to lose Chief too.

I finally decided I needed to call a vet and as soon as I sat down, BOOM! He jumped right to his feet as if he didn't remember what had happened. He was terribly thirsty and hungry. When I let him outside an hour later, he was doing sprints back and forth across the back yard - as though he had been reborn. As soon as the contractor left (roof work), I took him to the vet. Dr. Lisa at the Animal Care Center in Forest Park said that, based on the symptoms I described, it was definitely a seisure. She did a blood test and everything came back okay. She said that is the nature of a seizure - he could have one again that day, in a few months, or possibly never. They have always slept in the room with Martha and I, so I'm pretty sure they have never had one before while we were home. I usually wake up at their slightest cough. Anyway, we're so glad he is okay.

Thank God for our health! and our pet's health!
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