Saturday, July 31, 2010 through Saturday, August 7, 2010

It took us a while to figure out the inland plans, which were centered around Jake and Anna. They work in the park and had lots of connections and recommendations for us. In fact, Jake was able to book us the last "large RV space" at the Riley Creek Campground for half price ($98 for 7 nights). There were no electric or water hookups, but you can't beat the price of this gorgeous campground INSIDE the park. It was great!

We returned to Anchorage the following Saturday morning to get back for our cruise. We returned the RV to Clippership and caught a Princess shuttle from the airport to the cruise terminal. Boarding is scheduled to begin at 1pm and end at 7pm. We usually like to get there early, but that didn't happen with all the travelling that day.

Denali blog entries...

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    Arrived Denali National Park (7/31)
    After breakfast, we packed up our bags and waited for our RV. After waiting what seemed like forever, Jade completed our paperwork and gave us an intro to our home away from home. Everything seems pretty simple and straight forward... continue reading -->

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    Sunday Sled Dog Demonstration (8/1)
    Sunday, August 1. Denali National Park (very disappointed in WordPress since I appear to have lost my entire blog entry from today - about 2000 chars - and have to type it again). It was somewhat of an early morning... continue reading -->

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    Talkeetna (8/2)
    Monday, August 2. Talkeetna. It was so nice to sleep in this morning. I think I fell asleep around midnight and got up around 9. Jake and Anna joined us shortly after and we all headed out for some brunch... continue reading -->

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    Talkeetna/Denali (8/3)
    Tuesday, August 3. Mt. McKinley (a.k.a. Denali). By the time I woke up this morning around 9am, everyone else was dressed and ready for breakfast so I threw some clothes on and we walked next door to the Latitude 62... continue reading -->

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    Denali National Park (8/4)
    Wednesday, August 4. Denali National Park. Last night was a busy one and a late one. After we dropped Jake off for work, Martha, Jerry, and I relaxed at the camp site while June and Sharon did some laundry... continue reading -->

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    Prospectors (8/4)
    Wednesday, August 4. Prospectors. Dinner at Prospectors was great, though relatively uneventful. The Kick Ass Garlic Bread wasn't quite so much, but it was decent. It was like Texas toast, but not as good as Pepperidge Farm. The chevre was... continue reading -->

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    Alaskan Safari (8/5)
    Thursday, August 5. Alaskan Safari. At 8:30am or so we left our campsite in the RV to meet Jake in town at the Salmon Bake for breakfast. The wild blueberry French toast itself was good, but the topping bar made... continue reading -->

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    Husky Homestead (8/6)
    Friday, August 6. Husky Homestead. No northern lights. Jake saw them briefly the night before (only for about 15 seconds), but it was far too cloudy last night. I woke up with a bit of a sore throat so I... continue reading -->

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    Whittier (8/7)
    Saturday, August 7. Whittier. Our morning in Talkeetna started early, as anticipated. I hopped up and got dressed around 8am while Jerry unhooked the electric and water. By 8:30am, he and I had emptied the gray and black water and... continue reading -->

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