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Bachelorette Party, Bachelor Party, Wedding Showers


Bachelorette Party

When:    Friday, May 23rd 6:30pm
Where:    Meet at Martha's House
263 Senator Pl, Cincinnati, OH 45220
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Celebrate Martha’s final days as a Bachelorette with Cowgirl’s Night Out!
Snacks at Martha’s followed by dinner at Hibachi Grill at 8:00
Festivities to follow at Bobby Mackey’s country bar

RSVP:    To Stacey at SoHappy2Be@hotmail.com
Additional Info:  

Cowgirl Attire Required!!
“Women have a lot of courage; otherwise, none would ever get married.” - Gladiola Montana, Never Ask a Man the Size of His Spread: A Cowgirl’s Guide to Life


To Martha's House from I-75:

1. Take I-75 to the HOPPLE ST exit (exit number 4)
2. Turn LEFT onto HOPPLE ST


Bachelor Party

When:    Saturday, June 7th 3pm
Where:    Meet at Jason's House
3065 S. Hegry Circle, Cincinnati, OH 45238
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What:    Celebrate Kevin's last chance to be a bachelor. Cookout at Jason's followed by Reds Game.
RSVP:    To Jason (513) 922-1361 or jason.shattuck@usbank.com by June 1st
Reds Game Info:   If you are going to the game you must RSVP by June 1st so we can order tickets.

To Jason's House from I-75:

1. Take I-75 to I-74 West towards Indianapolis
2. Take the MONTANA AVE exit (exit number 17)



Wedding Showers

March 15
Wedding party shower- Trail Blazing in Ryland

 Aside from the date and place, the activities of this coed shower were a complete surprise to the bride and groom.  Everyone gathered at the Schloss residence in Ryland, Kentucky (a beautiful plot of land, overlooking the Licking River).  Then all who came participated in making stepping stones for Kevin and I.  Friends and family had brought items to embed in cement stepping stones, and it was really cool!  I even got to make one!  (The stepping stones will remain at Ryland to be on display for the Rehearsal Dinner, which will be taking place there.  After that, they will be packed up and sent to Cloverdale for Kevin and I to arrange in our garden!- What a cool idea!)  As the stepping stones were drying, we embarked on the next adventure of the day- blazing a trail from the house to the river and back up.  Everyone on the hike had a job- from scouting (Kevin) to trail maintenance (Martha).  Kevin found some vines on the trail, causing us to pause for some entertainment watching some of the men scream like girls as they swung over the hill.  Another vine at the river made for more entertainment and a resting point before a few brave souls blazed the trail back up to the house.  Upon returning to the house, we were thrilled to find that dinner was served- chili, cornbread, and salad and there was a trail cake for dessert.  We opened a few gifts with an outdoor theme and wrapped up the evening!  What a day!  We have it all on video, thanks to Jason, and we have some still photos as well.  (We’ll work on getting those on the website eventually!)  Thanks to the Schloss’ for their hospitality, hard work, and cooking!  Thanks to Stacey, Joy, & Kelly for all the planning and implementing of the big day- we had a great time- it was our ideal party scenario!

May 18
Canaanville church family & family family shower

The afternoon began with introductions and the opportunity to share a story about Kevin- which he LOVED!  No, but everyone was very nice- they left the embarrassing stories and told very nice ones.  It was great for me to get to meet all of these people about whom I’ve heard so much!  We then opened gifts, which took nearly an hour (sorry for those who had to sit through it).  But we received some really nice gifts and we’re practically all set in our kitchen and dining rooms!  After gifts we had some nice hors d’oeuvres provided by some of the ladies from Canaanville and socialized a bit before packing up and heading back home.  Thanks to Bonnie and the other ladies of Canaanville for getting everything ready for us.  To Erin for helping to plan and for keeping a gift list for me.  And to Solanna for making bridesmaid bow-quets in between mommy duties.  It was a very nice day and we really enjoyed seeing everyone!

  June 7
Midway Baptist Church family & Logan/ Baldwin families

 This shower with my mom’s family and family friends in Midway, KY will wrap up the showers.  It will also keep me busy while Kevin is celebrating his Bachelor party.  I look forward to spending time with these ladies before things get too crazy!  Thanks to Auntie Shirley and Aunt Carolyn for all your planning and preparation. 

The rehearsal will be at Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio the evening of Friday, June 27th, 2003.

We will need wedding party, children, parents, and grandparents.  Everyone involved will receive a detailed invitation in the mail.  We will not need all the ministers involved, they will run things over with Jerry and Cary on Saturday around 3:00 before the wedding.

4:00-6:00pm    The all-star wedding choir will have this time to rehearse in the sanctuary
5:00pm    Kevin and Martha will rehearse with Jerry
5:30pm    Suggested time for children involved in the service to arrive and begin getting instructions.
6:00pm    The rehearsal officially begins; wedding Party, parents, and grandparents will rehearse their ceremonial responsibilities quickly and efficiently
6:45pm    Load ‘em up and move ‘em out- the next wedding rehearsal begins at 7:00
7:30pm    The rehearsal dinner will take place on the lovely grounds of the Schloss residence in Ryland Heights, KY under a tent under the stars.


The menu is Tuscan Italian, catered by A Forkable Feast, starring Stu Schloss.

Paupiette of chicken with charred yellow bell pepper sauce
Cedar planked salmon with cucumber sauce
Grilled asparagus with oven roasted tomatoes
Herbed mushroom risotto
Spring garden salad
Assorted breads

Sorbet "ice cream" sandwiches
Fresh fruit kabobs
Mocha mousse in chocolate cups 

Wine, assorted soft drinks, coffee, tea and iced tea

The ceremony will be at Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday, June 28th, 2003 at 4:30pm. This will be an open church ceremony. The reception is by invitation only.

It will be a formal affair. The colors are cranberry and platinum. Jerry Hill will be performing the wedding. Assisting in the ceremony will be Marcus Atha, Tom Eisentrout, John Larsen, Jim Lillibridge, David Meredith, Cary Simonton, Paul Sittason- Stark, and Jeaninne Walker. An all-star choir made up of Oak Hills students past and present will perform music for the service, along with Hyde Park's organist and Brian Wesler on the trumpet. Kevin and Martha plan to include all the traditional elements of a wedding with unique personal touches (including communion and the "laying of hands"). There will be a receiving line after the ceremony for guests not attending the reception. Kevin and Martha will be greeting their reception guests at the reception.

Martha’s attendants
Maid of Honor- Stacey Schloss
Bridesmaid- Erin Carroll Lucas
Bridesmaid- Kelly Shattuck
Bridesmaid- Kate Burwinkel
Bridesmaid- Joy Kenyon
Jr. Bridesmaid- Harris Atha-Simonton
Flower girl- Haviland Atha-Simonton
Flower girl- Celina Harris
Kevin’s attendants
Best Man- Keith Carroll
Best Man- Jake Hill
Groomsman- Jason Shattuck
Groomsman- Vipul Patel
Groomsman- Shawn Baird
Usher- Andy Barth
Usher- Joe Hollo
Usher- Luke Elasky
Usher- John Jackson

The reception is by invitation only at the Marriott RiverCenter in Covington.  It will not begin until 6:30, to leave time for wedding party & family pictures.  Cocktail hour is from 6:30- 7:30.  Expected arrival time of the wedding party is 7:30 and dinner will be served shortly thereafter.  Toasts and cake cutting will follow dinner.  Music for dancing will be provided by Indianapolis’ Prime Time Band.  There will be no bouquet or garter tossing (all of our friends are married or engaged!).

(06/30/2003 - 07/09/2003)
Kevin and Martha plan to honeymoon on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai. They will be doing it First Class all the way, from flights to accommodations to adventures. Okay, so they're more likely to "rough" the adventures. It should be a hoot.